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The right trucks and vans for your pool business

At Quest Auto, we're a featured member of The Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada. Why is that? Because we're dedicated to helping the pool business thrive. With our customized approach to fleet leasing for GTA businesses big and small, we're confident that we will help you find the best vehicles for your pool fleet needs. Because we aren't tied to any specific manufacturer, we're able to work with you to determine which trucks, vans, and cars will work best for you, and we can even set up customization and leasing options. 

Pool fleet leasing benefits:

Sale tag icon   Access to range of manufacturer fleet pricing from all OEMs

Networking Icon    Extensive network of fleet-focused dealers

Specials Icon    Lowest fleet pricing and manufacturer programs available

List Icon    Open-ended leases tailored to your unique requirements 

Money icon    Improved cash flow for pool fleet owners

Document Icon    Conservation of credit lines for what's important

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Lease pool construction and maintenance vehicles in the GTA

Leasing can often be an afterthought for business owners, and that's simply not the way it should be. Leasing your pool business's vehicles can help you save money by keeping your team driving the most efficient and current vehicles around, without paying the full sticker price. When you lease a vehicle, you're able to return it at the end of a lease and move on. If you want to buy the vehicle out, you have that option as well, but if you want to move forward and into a newer pool maintenance van, it's that much easier than if you financed or purchased it outright. Our car concierge professionals will review how many vehicles you need, what kinds of vans, trucks, and customizations are required, then help you get into the best fleet imaginable. Better yet, we can help you continue to save money while your team drives with excellent fuel programs

Questions about pool fleet leasing?

Whether this is your first time leasing vehicles for your business, or you've been around the block before, we know that it can be overwhelming. With Quest Auto, it doesn't need to be. We specialize in helping you find the right vehicles for your business and the right lease for your budget. Contact us today and we'd be happy to answer any questions that you may have. 

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