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Quest Auto Leasing is the best choice in Toronto for commercial auto leasing. We specialize in leasing and will present you with flexible lease options that will suit your business needs. Whether you're a driver with a single truck, or a fleet manager in need of hassle-free leasing for multiple vehicles, we can help. Our tailor-made program can accommodate both low- and high-mileage usage, depending on your driving needs. Our concierge staff will help you to create a program for your business that works with your preference of brand, vehicle body style, and budget.

Commercial Leasing Benefits:

Sale tag icon   Access to range of manufacturer fleet pricing

Networking Icon    Extensive network of fleet focused dealers 

Specials Icon    Lowest fleet pricing and manufacturer programs

List Icon    Open-ended leases tailored to each client, with closed-end options available 

Money icon    Improved cash flow

Document Icon    Conservation of credit lines

Lowest Fleet Prices

Quest clients have access to an entire range of manufacturer fleet pricing on all makes and models of cars and trucks. We have relationships with vehicle manufacturers, as well as with an extensive network of fleet-focused dealers. Becuase we aren't locked to any one manufacturer, you'll receive unbiased advice and quotes from our team. Thanks to this, our customers have access to the lowest fleet pricing and best manufacturer programs available, along with the convenience that comes with one point-of-contact.


We Work With the Following Industries:


HVAC Truck and Equipment Leasing

From hauling vents to full AC units and water heaters, we know that you need the space and power to get the job done right. We offer a range of programs for HVAC installers. You'll find vans and trucks with upfitting options available to meet your customized needs. If you're looking for an HVAC truck leasing solution, look no further. 



Landscaping Equipment

Here at Quest Auto in Toronto, we lease both heavy equipment and standardized commercial vehicles for landscapers. If you need a specialized piece of equipment or a fresh fleet of trucks for your lawn crew, we can help. We offer leasing on trucks that can fit a mower in the back, as well as trucks equipped with full racks for all of your maintenance gear. 



Security Companies

We know that it can take a small vehicle to stay efficient and quick, then sometimes a larger vehicle to keep things on lockdown. Whatever your property's security needs are, we have an expert team that can work with you to lease your ideal fleet of security vehicles.  





Pool Construction

As featured members of the Pool Council of Ontario, we're a trusted resource for pool maintenance and construction vehicles. The Quest Auto team has a strong reputation in the pool industry, and across Ontario. With that being said, we don't plan on stopping anytime soon. Our leasing experts can help you find the right trucks and vans for your pool business, big or small.  




Snow Removal

While they're continually changing, our GTA winters are always heavy. Becuase the upfront cost of snow removal vehicles can often be high, leasing is generally a more budget-friendly option for snow removal operators. Whether you're part of a government department that needs a large fleet of plow-capable trucks, or a private snow removal contractor, we have the trucks for the job. Don't let the snow stand between your business and your livelihood. Be prepared with the latest trucks. 

Fleet Analysis

Regardless of the size of your fleet, our expert team at Quest Autp in Toronto can help you minimize operating challenges and reduce fleet inefficiencies. 

The first crucial step is choosing the perfect vehicles. We have the industry experience and a knowledgeable sales team that will ensure you select the right vehicles for your fleet.

Before we can offer you the right fleet solutions for your company, we also work with you to evaluate areas for improvement. The Quest Auto team will help you find ways, such as fuel programs, to run your fleet as efficiently as possible.

Fleet Analysis Highlights Include:

  • Evaluation of your current fleet;
  • Benchmarking maintenance and fuel costs;
  • Appraisal of your vehicle rotation cycle and fleet life cycle;
  • Recommendations to help you operate your lowest cost per kilometre.

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Contact the Quest Team today for advice on the best leasing options for your particular situation. We’re experts in all areas of leasing and we’re always happy to give free advice and guidance — after all, we’re not just your leasing company, we’re your business partner. 


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