Quest is Toronto’s Leasing Solution

We Provide Flexible Auto Leasing to People in the Greater Toronto Area -- and to Canadians Everywhere.

Quest isn’t just any leasing company. Two major points set us apart from the crowd -- our experience and our independence. What is an independent leasing company, you ask? It’s a company that isn’t bound by strict guidelines and rigid terms. Instead, we offer features like a wide vehicle selection, flexible mileage and affordable buyout options. And because Quest has been helping drivers all over the GTA for more than forty years, we know a thing or two about great service.

What We Offer

From skid steers to Civics, Quest has something for every leasing need. Choose from any make or model of both new and used cars, trucks or SUVs for personal driving or browse through our long list of heavy equipment to get the job done faster.

A Customized Leasing Experience

Not only does Quest provide flexible personal leasing, but we also specialize in commercial and fleet leasing. To complete the tailored experience, let us take care of both upfitting and graphics on any commercial lease -- we’ll even blend it all into one convenient payment! For more information, please contact us directly at 1 (888) 969-4541 or

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