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You already know Quest for our superior leasing solutions, now it’s time to find out about our top-of-the-line telematics. We install an electronic tracking device on all of your vehicles -- be them commercial or personal -- to optimize operations for your business. Get rid of risky driving habits and maximize your vehicle usage. Fleet management is made effortless with solutions proven to reduce costs, improve competitive positioning and increase customer satisfaction for your company!

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Good Things Do Come in Small Packages

Our innovative fleet tracking devices are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand -- but powerful enough to improve productivity levels across your team. This little device plugs directly into your vehicle's computer to identify fuel usage, faults, engine temperature, odometer readings and more.

Lower the Risk

Lower the Risk

Telematic software provides the diagnostics that allow you to clearly see all vehicle data working behind the scenes. Because over 30% of fuel costs and 90% of accidents are influenced by drivers’ behaviors, we offer helpful tools like audible driver coaching, liability reduction and accident recreation. And the best part is that you benefit with reduced insurance rates and better productivity within your company!

We also provide GPS tracking, 2-way messaging, and stop & route management capabilities through our program. By using these features you can save up to 18% through better driver, maintenance and fleet fuel management. Our GPS technology tracks aggressive driving, repetitive fuel-ups and maintenance in every vehicle in your fleet. This helps you to make informed decisions about both your vehicle conditions and your drivers’ behaviour.

How to Use the Data

Diagnostics from the GeoTab allow you to clearly see what’s going on behind the scenes. With our diagnostic tools, you’ll be able to see which vehicle fault is causing that poor fuel economy, or get an immediate alert when an engine is overheating. To help you stay on top of everything, you’ll get maintenance reminders (based on engine hours, odometer readings or driving period.) Weekly and daily reports take the trouble out of staying on top of things in your fleet.

Safety and Protection

Safety and Protection

Fleet safety begins behind the wheel -- give your drivers the tools to stay safe and on time! Our technology leads to reduced insurance claims, better theft and liability protection and accident recreation. You can even use this data in a court of law with accident analytics from our GPS vehicle tracking software. Get a detailed replay by the millisecond of any collision with exact measurements of impact, acceleration and direction.

Succeed with Quest

Measuring the usage of your vehicles is a key component of successful fleet management. There’s no better way to boost your productivity than by using our technology to keep tabs on what happens when your fleet is out of your sight.

Contact your team at Quest Automotive Leasing Services today to bring your fleet into the future with our advanced fleet management telematics.

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Save Even More with our Fleet Fuel Program

Our goal at Quest is to find our business clients new ways to save money with programs specifically made for commercial fleets. We’re excited to be partnered with Shell Canada to offer our fleet clients the QUEST Fleet Fuel Program - and we’d love you to join!

Fuel costs are constantly rising. Combat this ever-growing expense with the SHELL FLEET NAVIGATOR CARD - a tool that provides an easy way to monitor your fleet’s fuel consumption, reduce inefficiencies and save your company money.

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As a member, look forward to benefits and features like:

Rebates on fuel purchased at Shell stations across Canada
 Use at any gas station that accepts Mastercard
 30% off Car Washes at Shell
 10% Discount at Jiffy Lube
 Maintenance expense charge set-up
 CHIP and PIN technology
 Information about each vehicle's habits & fuel consumption
 Access to key information with the easy-to-use eTrac program
 Custom reports to analyze each card's activity
 Option to limit specific cards including amounts, time of day use etc.
 Individual vehicle fuel management

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