HVAC Truck and Equipment Leasing

Flexible Leasing Options for Toronto HVAC Companies Big and Small

At Quest Auto, our speciality is finding solutions that meet your needs. Our car concierge staff will work with you to find the right equipment for the job. Whether you're looking for an upfitted truck, an oversized truck body, a wrapped HVAC work van, or something in between, we're able to help you build your dream fleet.

HVAC Trucks, Vans, and Equipment

We know that each business has different needs and requires different equipment. From transporting full air conditioning units to installing heating and ventilation, your options are endless. Because we aren't tied to any specific manufacturer we're able to create truly custom solutions based on your HVAC business's needs; from one truck to one hundred service vans.



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Leasing Benefits for HVAC Installers

The trucks and equipment your company needs now might change as your business evolves, and that's where leasing can make life easier. For a company to grow, it needs the right service vehicles, but that can mean big upfront costs. When you lease your business vans and trucks, you do so for a set amount of time. At the end of the lease you simply return your equipment. From there, you can walk away or upgrade to newer, more capable trucks.


If you have questions about leasing commercial equipment​ or HVAC vehicles from us, contact us today. We’re always happy to hear from our customers and give free professional advice and guidance.

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