Fleet Telematics

Optimize Your Fleet With Quest Automotive’s Telematics Solutions.

As a business owner, you’ve already got a lot on your plate - so let Quest Automotive help simplify your fleet management with our innovative telematics solutions. You’ll have access to information about your fleet location, vehicle health, driver safety, compliance and so much more from just one, easy-to-use platform. The goal? To help local business owners from across the Greater Toronto Area improve performance, save time and save money.


Keep an Eye on Your Fleet - Even When They’re not in Sight

You trust your drivers to use their best judgement when they’re out on Toronto highways, but how can you be sure that your business, time and vehicles are being respected the way you want? With fleet telematics from Quest, not only will you gain vital insights about your trucks, drivers and operations, but you’ll also gain peace of mind. You’ll have access to important information about the day-to-day operations of your fleet, and will be provided with tools to transform this data into business solutions that make sense for you.


Receive in-depth reports on vehicle location, route analysis, total distance driven, fuel consumption and traffic data, so that you can complete more jobs in less time, and provide your employees with a well organized (and less stressful!) day on the job.

vehicle health

Keep your fleet in tip-top shape with vehicle health reports and maintenance reminders. Having a truck out of commission leads to lost time and money - stay on top of your vehicle health and easily schedule maintenance and repair appointments.

fleet performance

Gain insights into your fleet’s performance to assess risky driving patterns, and provide drivers with coaching on how to lower the risk of accidents and violations. Additionally, your video telematics protect your drivers from false claims about aggressive driving.


Quest Automotive’s fleet telematics system comes complete with solutions for managing compliance with the ELD mandate, Hours of Service and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting, IFTA reporting and Food Safety Modernization Act.

Turn Data into Dollars With Fleet Telematics

So how can fleet telematics help your business thrive? Armed with all of your new data, you can confidently make decisions that will improve your business, optimize your daily operations and potentially save you thousands of dollars each year. Simply: fleet telematics help you get the data you need in order to successfully grow your business.

Quest Automotive is Toronto’s Premier Location for Commercial Fleet Leasing

When it comes to commercial fleet leasing in Toronto, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Brampton and all across Southern Ontario, more local businesses choose Quest Automotive. With over 40 years of experience in the vehicle leasing industry, we know how to find you the vehicles you need, and the flexible leasing options you want. Plus, with our fleet telematics solutions, Quest can help you optimize and grow your unique business better than any other vehicle leasing centre in the GTA.

Find out more about how fleet telematics can help your business thrive. Our team of leasing experts are ready to answer your questions about innovative fleet management solutions, and how telematics can help with the growth and success of your business. Give us a call or book a consultation with one of our team members to get started!


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