Fleet Vehicles and Lease Programs for Security Companies

We Lease Reliable, Capable Vehicles to Security and Protection Companies in the GTA

Toronto isn’t just the biggest city in Canada, it’s one of the most recognized cities on the planet. Large corporations and financial institutions are headquartered in the GTA, and there are countless celebrities walking Toronto’s streets everyday. Security and protection companies play an integral role in making sure Toronto is a safe place to live and do business. 

Quest Auto Leasing is a leader in leasing high-quality, reliable vehicles to companies all over Toronto. Whether you’re a small, boutique protection company, or a large security firm, we have access to the vehicles you want and the affordable lease programs you need. Trust Quest Auto Leasing for your leasing needs.  


Benefits of Leasing Your Fleet

Leasing your fleet of security vehicles provides a lot of benefits to your business. When you lease, your downpayment is significantly less than it would be if you were to finance the same vehicle. Generally speaking, monthly payments are also lower compared to monthly payments when financing the same fleet of security vehicles. And, of course, when you lease your vehicles it is for a finite amount of time; at the end of the term you simply return the fleet. After all, as your company grows, you may need different vehicles and equipment


Vehicle and Equipment Selection

We have access to a large inventory of cars, trucks, and SUVs. and on top of standard vehicles, we’re able to lease special equipment for a wide range of industries. Security companies often need spacious, reliable cars and SUVs which we always carry plenty of.

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We can handle the needs of security and protection companies big and small. If you have questions, feel free to contact us anytime. For all your leasing needs, trust Quest Auto Leasing.


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