Choosing the Right Fleet for Your Business Needs

By: Quest Automotive Leasing Services   |   30 Apr 2023

Whether you’re just beginning to scale your business or finally ready to build your fleet, finding the right fleet of vehicles or equipment for your business can feel a little overwhelming. There are various kinds of vehicle fleets that can each be optimal for your business, depending on your operations and your industry. While some companies rely on massive amounts of the same type of vehicle, others have a diverse collection to support more multi-faceted businesses. When building your fleet, it's important to get a clear idea of your business needs and how your fleet can be best supported while getting the most ideal return on your investment. Let’s discuss a few different fleet options you can consider while building your fleet.

Fleet Leasing Vehicle Types

  • Trucking. Trucking fleets tend to have large trailer-drawing tractors that transport high-volume loads. A trucking fleet may consist of dozens of trucks or only a few. These heavy vehicles have strict safety and compliance requirements due to their frequent long-haul cross-country driving patterns and massive sizes.
  • Delivery.  Delivery fleets may transport local deliveries for businesses or parcel shipping companies. Often, products delivered to a distribution center by a trucking fleet vehicle will transfer to a delivery vehicle to reach their final destinations.
  • Commercial. Commercial fleets often consist of multiple types of vehicles in large numbers. These fleets often serve many purposes for a company, such as cross-country shipping and local delivery, and may need multiple people to maintain and manage their operations.

Specialty Leasing

Quality cars, trucks and SUVs aren’t the only kind of fleets businesses need to run efficiently. Sometimes heavy machinery and specialty equipment are also necessary, and best to lease rather than buy. From tow trucks and snowplows to forklifts and construction equipment, by leasing your equipment, you preserve your cash and existing credit lines to use and invest in other aspects of your business. Here at Quest, we offer flexible lease terms ranging from 12-60 months and lease-to-own options for our specialty equipment.

Build Your Fleet with Quest Auto Leasing

Whether you need to add a single car to your security fleet or require multiple trucks for your growing construction company, Quest Auto Leasing can help you source quality and cost-effective leasing solutions for your fleet. We also offer extensive fleet management and even EV leasing options. Contact us to discuss your options with a leasing specialist today.

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