Why Lease Your Fleet?

By: Quest   |   28 Jun 2019
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Advance Your Business with Leasing

Whether you manage a delivery company or run a fleet of HVAC vans, getting the most out of your commercial vehicles is always a top priority. At Quest, our goal is to help business owners simplify fleet operation and save money. We do this by providing resources to get local companies all over the GTA equipped with the right vehicles at excellent prices. From our commercial leasing experts to our smart fleet telematics, Quest has what you need to move your business ahead. 

Does Your Business Require a Fleet?

If you’re not quite sure if your company qualifies as having a fleet, let us clarify what exactly a fleet is, which businesses typically have them and how Quest can take the headache out of managing multiple work vehicles. By definition, a fleet is any number of vehicles operating under one owner. That means that every business from a two-crew landscaping company all the way up to a major moving chain all fall under the fleet umbrella.

A white ford Super-Duty F-350 available for lease at Quest

Fleet vehicles vary as greatly as the businesses that run them. For local contractors in Toronto, often times a stock pickup will do the job, however, for many other businesses including snow removal, food delivery, tow trucks and even florists, major upfitting is required before you can get your fleet out on the road. This often comes with a hefty price tag if the business owner has to purchase both the vehicle and the extra equipment. That being so, how can companies access top-quality equipment without eating away all of their cash flow?

At Quest, we can source out already-modified fleet vehicles and lease them to your business at an affordable rate. How do we do this? Because we’re an independent leasing company. This means we get to draw up customizable lease agreements to better serve our customers -- many of which are self-employed local operators all over Toronto. We don’t have to abide by the strict guidelines you’ll find at OEM dealers, plus we get to pick from a massive inventory of vehicles all over the country. From one work truck to an entire fleet of commercial vehicles, our experts can help you put together a winning team.

Operate Your Toronto Business Better with Quest

Quest is proud to provide additional services to fast track your business down the road of profitability. Our comprehensive telematics technology brings everything you need to know about each one of your vehicles right to the palm of your hand. We provide small smart GPS devices that are attached to the computers of your fleet vehicles. From there, they track everything from gas mileage to engine activity, reporting all data to your phone or tablet. 

A view of Quest's smart telematics on tablets and phones

To make fuel management more organized, we also offer a Shell Fuel Program, which gives your drivers Fleet Navigator Mastercards that can be completely regulated by you. Membership to this program also gets your business perks like 30% off Shell car washes and a 10% discount at Jiffy Lube.

Get your next work vehicle the right way and trust in Quest’s services for fleet management. With more than 40 years of experience behind us, we know what it takes to make it as a local business operating in the GTA. Speak with one of our account managers today to make the most out of your fleet!


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