What Are Fleet Telematics?

By: Quest   |   31 May 2019
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The Future of Fleet Management

In a world where technology is advancing at an almost untrackable rate, the world of work vehicles always seems to get left behind -- but thanks to Quest Automotive’s Telematics, that doesn’t have to be the case any more. Discover ways to save your business money with the help of our GeoTab GO devices and diagnostic software, both of which work together to increase productivity, improve safety and keep added costs down for fleet owners in the GTA.

GeoTab -- The Most Exciting Technology for Commercial Vehicles

Companies all over Toronto look to Quest Auto for their commercial vehicle needs. For over forty years, we’ve been providing leasing and buying solutions to businesses from HVAC to landscaping and everything in between. To help our clients even further, we developed telematics software to improve the fleet management process.

The system works using small tracking devices that are plugged directly into each fleet vehicle’s computer. From there, it can gauge and track important information including gas mileage, engine temperature, odometer readings and vehicles faults. This data gets sent directly to your phone or tablet, giving you instant updates on each member of your fleet -- no matter how far away they are.

How does this technology for commercial vehicles save money? Because it also monitors driving behaviors like aggressive driving and repetitive fuel-ups, you’ll be able to identify specific areas where your business can cut down costs and improve productivity. We also provide coaching for drivers along with accident recreation -- features that can actually lower your insurance costs!

Take Control with the Shell Fuel Program

Get the full picture of your commercial vehicles with Shell Fleet Navigator -- a MasterCard that makes fuel monitoring simple. Set individual limits, track exact fuel activity and get account reports at any time. Not only does this program give fleet owners the data and control needed to successfully manage their team, but it also comes packed with bonuses like rebates on fuel purchases, 30% off all Shell car washes and a 10% discount at Jiffy Lube. When it comes to selecting a business card for your fleet, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything that caters to commercial vehicle management better than Shell Fleet Navigator.


If you’re ready to take control of your company’s operations and start improving your bottom line, reach out to Quest now. Our team can answer any of your telematics questions, teach you about the software and get you started on the program. It’s never been easier to elevate business operations in the GTA -- so visit our location on Sheppard Ave East or give us a call today!


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