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By: Quest Automotive Leasing   |   09 Apr 2018
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Quest Car Sourcing Service

We'll Find Your Car

Sometimes, you shop for something online, only to find out at the checkout that whatever you had your eye on is no longer in stock. At Quest Automotive Leasing, we search high and low for the finest pre-owned vehicles for sale in our inventory. But, we also understand that no matter how great our used vehicle inventory is, sometimes our customers might have something else in mind.

Our Car Sourcing Service takes the pressure out of your shopping experience because we're doing the shopping for you. Our team of experts, who have been in the auto industry for years, have access to a wide network of suppliers and traders. That means that they can score the GTA for new or pre-owned cars, trucks, SUVs, and even light-duty or heavy-duty commercial trucks. If the vehicle you want doesn't pop up in the city, we'll keep looking, even if it means going across the country for the right match.

Think of this service as your very own car concierge. Rather than do the legwork on your own elsewhere, trust in our team to find you the best deal for the best value. With the size of our network, our commitment to customer service, and our passion for the industry, we have the means to find each and every client of Quest the car of their dreams. Here's how it works.

Put in Your Request, and We'll Do the Rest

In order to find your dream car, we'll need to know a little bit more about what you're looking for. Simply fill out the form online with as much information and as many details as possible. We get specific--from the price range, right down to how much mileage is already on it, should you be looking for a pre-owned model.

Once we have your request, our team at Quest gets to work. Using the supplied information, we score our database for the perfect match. Because of our network, there's a very good chance we can find your dream vehicle. But, if the model you're after isn't available, we work hard to present you with options that are as close to your preferences and budget as possible. Our car sourcing experts are not tied to any OEM in particular. They do their research, and work directly with you, for you to get you what you want. As soon as we find your dream vehicle, we'll get in touch with you with the contact details provided. Then, you can come and book a test drive and see the vehicle first-hand.


Just Drive

With the research and shopping process taken care of, all that' left to do is enjoy your new ride. Quest Automotive Leasing has a series of leasing and finance options that can help offset the financial responsibility of purchasing a new vehicle. The following affordable auto leasing programs are available at our dealership:


Custom Truck         Airport pickup service         Factory equipment         Luxury car          


Personal: for everyday driving

Commercial: for business/work vehicles

Equipment: for tools needed for personal or recreational use

Collector/Vintage: to offset the costs of luxury/vintage vehicle ownership

Despite having a wide variety of options, all of our finance experts are educated on commercial and personal leasing programs. Our team guarantees to discuss the pros and cons of each leasing scenario, in order to find you the perfect leasing plan. Plus, our plans are flexible and affordable. We have the ability to customize any of our leasing plans so that all there's left to do on your end is get behind the wheel and enjoy yourself.

Are you ready to find the vehicle of your dreams? Let us show you just how easy it can be, with a little bit of help from your friends here at Quest Automotive. Our car sourcing service has you covered. Give us a call today at 1-(888) 969-4541 to find your dream vehicle. ​


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