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Quest Auto: A Collector’s Home for Classic and Rare Cars


Have you always dreamed about getting into the driver's seat of a vintage 1950s Chevy Bel Air, a sexy 1960s Stingray convertible, or a world famous 1965 Ford Mustang? It's easier than you think to drive the classic car of your dreams with Quest Automotive! Our team of automotive experts specializes in tracking down rare collector cars, and provides flexible personal leasing options for classic car enthusiasts across the Greater Toronto Area. With Quest, you control the terms of your lease: drive your dream car for a set amount of time, or lease-to-own a classic car of your very own - the power is in your hands!

Let Us Find the Vintage Car You’ve Always Wanted

From 1970s American Muscle Cars to exotic Italian Ferraris, there are countless classic vehicles out there - but they’re not always easy to find. That’s where Quest Automotive steps in. When you reach out to our team of experts, we immediately get to work finding the exact vintage car you’re looking for. We’re not talking about mid-80s Hondas or Pontiacs here - Quest specializes in leasing fully refinished rare and collectors cars, typically valued between $40,000 and $100,000. With our trusted network of contacts throughout Canada and the United States, you can be as particular as you’d like - we’ll find the specific classic model you’ve been searching for.


Benefits of Leasing a Classic Car With Quest

Whether you’re looking to permanently grow your vintage car collection, or simply want to see what it’s like to cruise the streets of Toronto in a unique set of wheels, Quest Automotive puts you in the driver’s seat of your personal leasing terms. Escape the hassle of the upkeep and maintenance associated with classic cars by leasing your dream ride for a set amount of time, and then return it once the lease is up. You won’t have to worry about hefty repair bills, and can get right back behind the wheel of a new collector car. Don’t feel ready to part with your dream car just yet? No problem! We can revisit the terms of your lease, and our experts will find a lease-to-own solution that works for you.


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