Why Leasing Your Fleet is a Great Choice in 2023

By: Quest Automotive Leasing Services   |   22 Dec 2022

With a brand-new year just around the corner, there's no time like the present to start reevaluating your business strategies and practices. When it comes to your commercial fleet, leasing has a range of benefits that, in the end, not only help your business grow but can preserve your bottom line in the process. As the premiere destination for fleet leasing services for GTA businesses, Quest Auto is here to help you see why leasing your fleet might be your best move in 2023.

Flexible Leasing Options

Running a business means your bottom line is a huge priority. This requires being smart with your finances and getting the best deal on your overhead costs. Leasing is a great way to minimize costs while allowing you to grow and adapt to your fleet without being tied down as you would with financing. Industries are ever-changing, especially during these uncertain times. So, leasing is perfect for businesses looking for that extra flexibility.

Fleet Management Services

At Quest Auto, we offer a wide range of fleet management services across a broad spectrum of industries, whether you’re looking for fleet leasing, commercial rentals, repairs, upfitting, etc. Our fleet telematics system is among the best in the industry and aims to help your business leverage its data and track your fleets as seamlessly as possible. Our in-house team of expert technicians can also allow you to reduce unexpected costs and downtime thanks to their quality vehicle maintenance and repair services.

Factory Fleet Pre-Orders

When you pre-order a vehicle fleet, you don’t have to worry about the pickup trucks you’ve been eyeing being out of stock or having to select from what the dealerships think will be the most popular. Pre-ordering from the factory allows you to easily order your fleet vehicles in bulk, all with similar configurations that best suit the needs of your business.

Access to EV Fleets

While electric vehicles do cost more than engine vehicles, their superior efficiency, the moderate price of electricity, and the high utilization of fleet vehicles allow fleet operators to quickly recoup the extra up-front cost of an EV and achieve a lower total cost of ownership. Not to mention, provinces across Canada offer incentives and rebates to businesses that choose EVs for their fleets, including free chargers, tax deductions, and an average of $6,500 in rebates per vehicle. Plus, you can even lease a Tesla, which is virtually unheard of!

Commercial Fleets Across Industries

From snow removal and HVAC to pool construction and landscaping, we offer a continuously updated and extensive inventory of commercial vehicles customized to your industry. We ensure your fleet is managed and upfitted so your business can perform its very best while delivering flexible financing, leasing, and purchasing options.

For over 40 years, Quest Auto Leasing has been delivering commercial vehicles to a variety of industries and helping small businesses thrive in the process. If you have more questions about fleet leasing and how we can help your business, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime! One of our leasing experts will be happy to help!

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