Prepare Your Fleet for Fall With Truck Upfitting

By: Quest Automotive Leasing Services   |   06 Oct 2021

As the seasons change here in the GTA, so do the needs of many Toronto businesses. Whether you’re preparing your work trucks for a busy harvest on the farm, snowplowing season, or making daily deliveries in icy weather, now is the perfect time to think about upfitting your fleet for the fall and winter ahead.

At Quest Automotive, our goal is to help our clients stay ahead of their competition. Ensure your fleet can get the job done safely and efficiently (while the other guy is left scrambling) by getting a head start on seasonal upfitting for your work trucks. Not quite sure where to start? Take a look at some of our top fall and winter upfitting recommendations for Toronto’s busy industries.


Truck Upfitting for Snow Removal Businesses

If you’re in the Toronto snow removal business, you’ll need to have an adequate hitch installed on the front of your trucks, and test it to ensure it’s operating smoothly (you don’t want to find out your plow won’t raise or lower properly in the middle of Toronto’s first snowstorm). It’s likely you’ll also need to install a tailgate salter, which you can prepare for ahead of time as well.

It’s important that your fleet receives a thorough service, including checking the transmission, headlights, blue commercial snowplow lights, backup sensors, and brakes. You can install your winter tires as early as October, and don’t forget about comfort upgrades for your employees, like heated seats and organizational systems for clipboards, coffee mugs, and wet gloves. Stock your truck early with essentials for late-night plowing, including a tarp and bungee cords to cover your salter, shovels, and emergency supplies.


Delivery Companies in the GTA

Keeping your daily deliveries on schedule will be a lot easier with a few small, but important, upgrades to your commercial fleet. Depending on what your trucks are carrying, you may need to add a heater to your cargo area, and new snow tires are a must. We also recommend operational essentials like two-way radios, advanced traffic, weather and navigation systems, and fleet telematics. If you’re undecided on which upgrades are most important for your fleet, reach out to the Quest Automotive team and we’ll walk you through your option


Save Money and Time With Pre-Upfitted Used Trucks

Another solution for getting your fleet fall-ready in a hurry is to purchase used work trucks and vans that have already been upfitted for your particular industry. Business owners sell their commercial vehicles for a multitude of reasons, providing Quest customers with plenty of opportunities to lease quality used fleet vehicles that are ready for duty. Our inventory of used work trucks and vans is growing, and we can even source specific fleet vehicles that you may be looking for.


Whether you’re ready to upfit your existing fleet or are looking to buy a pre-upfitted used work truck, your dedicated Quest Automotive team member will be happy to discuss options and solutions guaranteed to meet the needs of your business. We’re standing by and ready to assist - contact Quest Automotive Leasing today!

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