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By: Quest Automotive Leasing Services   |   27 Mar 2021

At Quest Auto, we understand how tough it can be for independently owned businesses during these uncertain times. And nothing can put a strain on your budget like needing to buy brand-new commercial fleet vehicles. That’s why we’re happy to offer an extensive inventory of pre-owned vehicles for industry fleets. Read on to learn all about the benefits of shopping pre-owned for commercial trucks during this economic climate, and why more and more businesses are building their fleets this way.

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Benefits of Shopping Used

There are several benefits to leasing or buying pre-owned commercial trucks to build a fleet for your business. Shopping pre-owned allows you to choose from a wide variety of trucks at a lower price in comparison to newer models. This is especially helpful for trucks with discontinued models that are no longer available, as they can often be found in used inventories. Building your fleet with pre-owned vehicles is also a good investment for budget-conscious shoppers, not only for the initial price but also because they sustain less depreciation than brand-new vehicles.

Throughout the fleet industry, we've been seeing an increase in the buying and selling activity of used commercial trucks since the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic. A report from ACT Research noted that “unforeseen robustness of the perfect storm of positives into late spring and summer, following the initial shock of COVID-19 shutdowns and other mitigation efforts, has resulted in sharp upgrades in commercial vehicle expectations since May.” As a result of Covid-19, more businesses aim to upgrade their aging trucks with newer pre-owned ones to save on costs associated with leasing, fuel, maintenance, safety and lower emissions output.

Pre-Owned Trucks Come Pre-Upfitted

Upfitting commercial vehicles can be an expensive investment when you’re looking for custom specifications. However, consistent, standard components – like partitions, shelving and safety equipment – can make vehicles more versatile for use across different trades. At Quest Auto, some of our pre-owned trucks come pre-fitted with standard components at an affordable price. This is due to standard design requiring less work from the manufacturer or up-fitter, decreasing costs and inviting the possibility of volume-purchase discounts. When you buy or lease a pre-upfitted truck with standard up-fits, the equipment and parts can be easily interchanged, providing you with greater flexibility if your truck is multi-purpose. This consistency can also enhance vehicle safety and can simplify the process of new-hire training for your business.

Lease Used Fleet Trucks with Quest Auto

At Quest Auto, we want to do our best to make the economic changes in the industry work for you! We offer financing options on pre-owned trucks that can help ease the financial burden of leasing or buying your next commercial fleet for your business. We also provide a quick and easy trade-in appraisal process if you’re looking to upgrade your current fleet! Browse our inventory of pre-owned trucks today, and feel free to contact our team to set up an appointment and get started on building your new fleet!

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