What is Vehicle Upfitting?

By: Quest Automotive Leasing Services   |   26 Feb 2020
truck upfitted with snow plow

When you lease or purchase a vehicle for your business, upfitting is often the next step in preparing your fleet to do the work that is specific to your industry. But what is vehicle upfitting? Simply, vehicle upfitting is when you make modifications to your van or truck in order to customize the way it works. Upfitting can include a wide range of modifications, such as adding bulkheads, storage compartments, racks, ramps, partitions, towing capability and even changes to the vehicle’s suspension and chassis. Customizing your truck or van to suit your needs will make your day-to-day more efficient, your employees’ jobs easier and help improve your bottom line - and Quest Automotive Leasing is here to help!

Your Industry. Your Vehicle. Your Way. 

For many industries that require specialized equipment, vehicle upfitting is essential to running your business. Quest Auto has helped thousands of local businesses with the necessary modifications to their trucks and vans, and there is no limit to what we can do:

• Landscaping. We’ve helped landscapers across the GTA install sliding tailgate ramps for ride-on lawn mowers, custom organization for tools, systems for rolling out and fastening tarps to cover mulch and yard waste, and much more.

• Snow Removal. Businesses in the snow removal industry work tirelessly all winter long. We can help upfit your truck with plows, salters, storage for shovels, dependable snow tires and interior comforts like heated seats to keep your drivers comfortable during long nights spent plowing our messy Toronto streets.

• HVAC. HVAC van upfitting typically includes installing fasteners for securing large pieces of equipment like air conditioners and water heaters, adding shelving and bins for supplies and specialized racks for holding potentially combustible tanks.

• Pool Maintenance and Construction. Pool maintenance often requires drivers to carry a range of chemicals on board. Quest Automotive can help you add sturdy cabinets and shelving to your van for storing chemicals, plus organization systems for hoses, ladders and other equipment.

• Glaziers. For those working with large sheets of glass and mirror, we can help install specialized glass racks, partitions for driver safety, ladder shelving, tool storage and more.

Lease Your Upfitted Vehicle With Quest

Upfitting is often necessary for these (and other!) industries, but it can also cause financial strain for new businesses or those who are looking to grow their commercial fleet. That’s why Quest Automotive is here to help. We have extensive connections with vehicle manufacturers and fleet-focused dealers, which allows us to help you secure the right vehicle for your business and offer the lowest fleet leasing prices in the GTA. Leasing your fleet also helps reduce your initial costs, leaving you with more cash in your budget to invest in other areas of your business plan, and gives you the freedom to trade-in your vehicles as your business grows and your needs change. At Quest, we have the experience, connections and know-how to help your business thrive!

For HVAC, landscaping, snow removal, glazier, pool maintenance, construction and many other local businesses across Toronto and the GTA, vehicle upfitting is a necessary step in getting your business off the ground or growing your company to the next level. Let the experts at Quest Automotive Leasing guide you through the process of upfitting a van or truck that you already own, leasing an upfitted vehicle, or growing and managing your commercial fleet. Book an appointment with one of our experts to discuss your options and get started on a quote for your vehicle upfitting project today!


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