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By: Quest Automotive Leasing   |   27 Nov 2020
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Looking to lease an electric vehicle, or even a fleet of EVs for your business? Look no further than Quest Automotive! We are seeing a huge transformation across the GTA of folks who are interested in making the switch from fuel to electric. Why? Not only is green automotive technology better for the environment, but EVs are also powerful, quiet and a great solution for saving money in the long run by ditching the pumps. Plus with hundreds of charging stations popping up on street corners and parking garages across Toronto, there’s never been a better time to get behind the wheel of an electric vehicle! 

Get the EV You’ve Always Wanted With the Bonus of a Flexible & Affordable Lease

We get it - purchasing an EV outright can still be a major investment, especially if you’re looking to replace your entire fleet. That’s why leasing makes sense for so many individuals and business owners. In a world that’s rapidly changing, getting tied down with large purchases isn’t always ideal, but personal and commercial leasing helps give you peace of mind with maximum financial and trade-in flexibility. Just a few of the reasons why Quest Automotive clients choose to lease their personal vehicles and fleets with us include:

• Our personal leases are open ended, with zero mileage restrictions - you hold the buying power!

• We have a wide network of fleet-focused dealers for our commercial leasing clients, allowing you to shop a wide variety of options and prices.

• A commercial lease allows your business greater flexibility if you find yourself needing to quickly expand or downsize.

• We are not tied to any banks or manufacturers, so we can shop around until we find the best vehicle and leasing terms for your needs and budget.

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Quest is Toronto’s Exclusive Tesla Leasing Centre

At Quest Auto, we have access to a massive selection of electric vehicles from multiple manufacturers, giving our customers plenty of options to find the EV that’s right for them. We are fully brand agnostic, which means we are not biased towards any particular manufacturer - our commitment is only to our customers, and to helping them find the right electric vehicle for their needs and budget. What about big names in the world of EVs, like Tesla? Yep, we can lease those too! Even the Toronto Tesla dealership doesn’t lease their vehicles, but Quest Automotive has exclusive rights in the GTA to lease the Tesla Model 3 EV. Quest makes it easy to secure affordable and flexible EV leasing options, no matter which vehicle you choose. 

Learn about our Tesla Leasing

We like to think of ourselves as your “personal automotive assistant,” and with our unique access to a fantastic selection of electric vehicles, we’re here to help you lease the EV of your dreams! Whether you would love to have a Tesla for personal use, or you’re looking to save money at the fuel pumps (and show our planet some love) by making the switch to an EV commercial fleet, our team can help you find the vehicle and leasing terms that work for you. Reach out to our team here at Quest Automotive to learn more about your electric vehicle leasing options!

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