What Industries Lease Their Fleets?

By: Quest Automotive Leasing Services   |   14 Jun 2020
Commercial Leasing Fleet GTA

After over 40 years of experience with commercial fleet leasing, Quest Automotive has had the pleasure of working with hundreds of local businesses from across the GTA with their vehicle leasing and fleet management needs. Starting and growing a business comes with a lot of challenges, which is why we are so passionate about the advantages of fleet leasing for business owners and government agencies. So what Toronto industries have been benefiting from leasing their vehicles and equipment through Quest? Let’s take a look!

Seasonal Businesses Thrive With Flexible Fleet and Equipment Leasing Options

It’s summertime and the leasing is easy! Plenty of our seasonal industries, such as pool services, construction, landscaping and snow removal love the flexibility that vehicle and equipment leasing offers. Instead of investing all of your money upfront to purchase seasonal gear like trailers, construction equipment and snow plows, lease your heavy equipment and specialized vehicles from Quest to free up more cash flow and conserve your credit lines. When you own a seasonal business that experiences high/low demand during peak and off seasons, it’s important to have flexibility with your budget - and that’s exactly what vehicle and equipment leasing with Quest can offer.

Van Fleets for Glaziers, HVAC, Contractors and More

Many industries need a fleet of vans in order to operate, but it can be surprisingly tough (and expensive!) to find the right van for your business. Through our extensive network of dealers, we have access to a wide range of vehicles and pricing programs, so that we can help you find the van you need. We’ve helped many local industries lease the perfect fleet of vans, including:


HVAC: transport large heating and cooling units, hot water tanks and more with a fully enclosed van for your HVAC fleet.

Contractors: lock up your tools for the night, store lumber and larger building materials and upfit your van with custom organizational systems.

Glaziers: we’ve helped many local glaziers find vans that can be upfitted for transporting fragile glass, ladders, tools and safe-disposal units for broken glass and debris.\

Catering and Delivery: keep cakes, food and flowers fresh in refrigerated vans while you deliver goodies to happy customers across Toronto.

Plumbing and Electricians: with expensive gear on board, know that your tools and supplies are safely stored and locked up with the right van.


Experience the Benefits of Fleet Leasing

For so many business owners, the dream of growing your company can be hindered by finances - most folks simply don’t have the cash investment needed to purchase a fleet and equipment upfront. That’s where Quest Auto Leasing comes in. We’ll help you find the trucks, vans and equipment you need for your industry, and help your company grow through our affordable leasing options. Don’t buy a fleet of vehicles only to have to turn around and sell them if things don’t go the way you planned - enjoy flexibility and freedom while your business grows with help from Quest!

Ready to grow your company? Our leasing experts are eager to talk about your industry, and will help you find the best fleet, equipment and leasing rates in Southern Ontario. Give us a call at Quest Automotive to get started!

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