Fleet Leasing for Glaziers

By: Quest Automotive Leasing Services   |   26 Feb 2020
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With over 40 years of experience helping Toronto businesses with their fleet leasing and management needs, we know that starting (and growing!) a business can be tough. That’s why our team of experts at Quest Automotive leasing is here to help you every step of the way! We have the vehicles, equipment and leasing options to help support a wide range of local industries, including landscapers, snow removal, pool maintenance and construction, HVAC and glaziers. Our local glazier fleets are working hard all year long installing and repairing glass in our homes and businesses, and they need the right trucks and vans to get the job done. That’s where Quest comes in!

Glazier Van and Truck Upfitting

Van and truck upfitting is essential for many industries, and glaziers require a particularly high level of customization in order to keep their products and employees safe. When you work with highly specialized materials like glass and mirror, you don’t want to risk getting to the jobsite only to find a chipped mirror or cracked glass! With Quest, we can help properly upfit your van or truck to suit your business' needs, including installing cabinets and organizational systems for tools, ladder racks and flat glass racks for storing glass and mirror.

Our experts also have access to a wide range of heavy machinery and specialized equipment that we lease to businesses across the GTA. Leasing your equipment can be particularly helpful for new or growing businesses, as it helps reduce the initial costs of starting a business, can potentially save you from investing in equipment that you don’t end up needing and allows you to easily trade-up for newer equipment as your business grows. We can help your glass business affordably secure saws, tables, sanders, respiratory equipment and more!

See the Real Benefits of Leasing Your Fleet

At Quest Automotive, we are passionate about supporting local companies from across the GTA as they start and grow their businesses. That’s why we offer flexible commercial fleet leasing options, and work hard to find the vehicles, equipment and lease terms that work best for you. We are not tied to any particular manufacturer, so our experts put your needs first when finding the perfect truck or van for your glazier business. Our commercial leases are open-ended and our team is unbiased - we are here to help keep your vehicle and equipment costs down so that you have the cashflow you need to grow your business!

Toronto’s glass and glazier companies work hard all year long, and we are here to support this specialized and important industry. Whether you are looking for the perfect glazier van or truck, need help with van and truck upfitting for your glass business or want to get the ball rolling on leasing your glazier fleet, Quest Auto’s trustworthy experts will represent you every step of the way. Book a consultation with one of our Quest Automotive Leasing team members and let us show you how easy it is to get your business off the ground or grow your already established glazier business. We promise to never crack under pressure!


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