A Year in Commercial Fleet Leasing: When is Your Industry's Time to Shine?

By: Quest Auto   |   23 Dec 2019
chevrolet silverado snow-plow

As another successful year comes to an end, the team at Quest Automotive Leasing has been reflecting on how lucky we are to work with so many local businesses across the GTA and Southern Ontario. As Toronto’s top independent vehicle leasing company, we’ve had the pleasure of helping hundreds of companies find commercial vehicle leases and fleet management solutions that have helped grow their businesses. With the seasonality of the GTA, the types of businesses we work with changes throughout the year as well - so when was your industry’s time to shine in 2019?!

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Quest Auto is a featured member of The Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada and we are dedicated to helping the pool business thrive during our hot summer months. We’ve helped dozens of pool servicing companies find the right vehicle for the job, securing trucks with enough space for hoses, poles and organizational space to safely store and lock away pool chemicals. As an active member of the Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association, we also know the ins and outs of the landscaping industry better than anyone! We specialize in leasing both vehicles and commercial equipment, and this year we helped everyone from individual landscaping contractors to large landscaping fleets secure the right vehicles and equipment for the job. One of the benefits of leasing your landscaping equipment from Quest is that you aren’t stuck with long term payments on equipment you might not need in a year or two, giving you options to walk away or trade up as your business grows. Our Leasing Department has years of experience in securing the perfect vehicle and equipment leases for these booming summer industries, so don’t hesitate to give us a call and let us do the hard work for you!

ford f-150 at worksite

Spring and Fall

Spring and fall is when our HVAC businesses shine as they work hard to take care of the GTA’s heating, cooling and ventilation needs. Each business has different needs and requires different trucks and equipment. That’s why the Quest Auto team is here to help our local HVAC businesses find the right commercial vehicle leasing options! Whether you need an oversized truck for hauling air conditioning units, a wrapped HVAC van or an upfitted truck, Quest can secure one or one hundred of the vehicles that will best suit your company’s needs.

chevrolet silverado snow-plow


Here in Southern Ontario, many businesses thrive simply from doing snow removal through the winter months. Plowing, salting and hauling snow can be a pretty specialized sector, which is why it makes so much sense to have Quest help you with your commercial vehicle and equipment leasing needs. Those in the snow business know that first and foremost you need a dependable truck that can handle dicey winter driving conditions, plus have the ability to be outfitted with equipment like a plow, salter, trailer or even dump-truck functions. As a longtime Toronto business, we understand how unpredictable our winters can be! Quest Automotive is highly experienced with helping snow removal businesses secure the vehicles and equipment they need to have a successful winter. Book a consult with our leasing department during any time of year to make sure that you are ready to get to work as soon as the first snowflake flies!

At Quest Automotive, we understand that starting a business is a complicated process. There are so many decisions and purchases to be made, and getting stuck with something that ultimately doesn’t work for your company is only going to hinder your growth. That’s why you can depend on the experience and knowledge from the team at Quest Auto to help you find the vehicle, equipment and fleet management solutions that will best suit your business. Our commercial leasing model has proven to be incredibly effective over the past 40 years and has helped hundreds of local GTA businesses reach their goals. If you want your commercial fleet to join the countless others that Quest supports, book a consult today to find out how Quest Automotive Leasing can help your business thrive!

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