What are Fleet Leasing Services?

By: Quest Auto   |   05 Sep 2019
fleet of ford super duty

When business owners think about their fleets, whether they’re managing 100 vans for appliance repair, 5 trucks for pool construction, or a round of small cars for a cleaning company, they want to approach management in a way that is both efficient and affordable. That’s where we come in; with commercial leasing options.

Fleet Managers 

Our team of experienced fleet managers are here to work with you every step of the way. From finding the right mix of vehicles to suit your unique needs to sourcing those vehicles and having them upfitted with the right equipment, they’re on your side. They are able to help navigate lease payment programs and schedules, as well as to determine the best ways to structure these agreements to make leasing beneficial for your business. Fleet managers are the first step in the fleet management process.



Fleet Management Services: Telematics

Once you have your fleet, it’s important to know where those vehicles are travelling, and what it’s costing you, so that you can manage the fleet and your team appropriately. Telematics services involve an electronic tracker that is installed into your fleet vehicles. From there, you’ll be able to map routes, see where employees are travelling, and get the most out of your vehicles. Take a more efficient route, know when vehicles need repairs, use messaging services, and leverage the power of accurate GPS.

On top of that, you’re also able to track driving behaviour. This means aggressive behaviour, speed, repetitive fuelling, and maintenance of each vehicle within your fleet. How’s that for management?

fuel cards

Fleet Management: Fuel Cards

At Quest, we offer Shell Fuel Programs. This means that your team will be able to access fuel anywhere that the Shell fuel network is available, and that’s almost anywhere. Using fuel programs, you will be able to have more control and awareness about the spending involved in fuelling your fleet. You’ll learn about driving and fuelling habits, and you’ll be able to access this information 24/7 online.

You will have access to a Shell Account Manager that will help you create efficiencies within your fuel spend, and will help you gain insights from the Fleet Navigator Fuel Program. 

On top of all of these perks, you’ll also gain AIR MILES reward miles, to take you that much further. 

Take Your Fleet to the Next Level

Whether you’re looking to expand your small business or renew a set of vehicles for an existing business, the experts at Quest Automotive Leasing are here and ready to help. Our biggest reward is helping you get the most out of your business, and because we’re not tied down to any one manufacturer, we can help you do just that! Check out our fleet leasing FAQs today, and feel free to contact our team when you’re ready to take the next step!

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