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By: Quest Automotive Leasing   |   22 May 2018
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When shopping for a new vehicle, you have two options: trade in your old car, or sell it

Selling in the consumer market can be tricky, because you can’t always gauge the best time to sell, or if you’re getting priced out of a good business transaction.

At Quest Automotive Leasing, we want your trade, and we’ll put a lot of work into making this the best decision for you.

We'll re-lease your old car

Personal auto leasing and commercial vehicle leasing in Toronto are our specialties. We’re completely independent, and we’ve been like that for more than 40 years. Unlike some dealerships, we can craft custom leasing plans that are open-ended or closed, for all makes and models of new or pre-owned vehicles.

If you haven’t already noticed, our pre-owned inventory looks pretty snazzy. That’s because we’re very particular about which used vehicles end up in our lot. Because of that, the trade appraisal process is extremely important to us. Rather than wasting time arranging private appointments, dealing with no-shows, and potentially being ripped off, when you decide to trade in your vehicle at Quest Automotive Solutions, our staff will offer honest feedback and give you the best possible deal, according to market value.

The process is easy. First, you tell us about your car, truck, or SUV. Then, our experts scan their automotive networks and databases to figure out a fair price. Finally, we contact you, and that’s where the fun begins. We’ll tell you what your vehicle is worth, and you can then either use those funds to look at our new inventory, or continue car shopping online.


Spring into action

This spring, drive in style. With a trade-in appraisal process as easy as ours, you can even find your new vehicle from the comfort of your own home using our handy Car Sourcing Service. After you submit a request, we'll browse hundreds of makes and models, and narrow the search for your dream car right down to the colour, year, and even mileage, all online in a matter of minutes! The best part is, unlike other dealerships, you don't lift a finger--we take care of the research part. All that's left to do on your end is check out the vehicles we match you to, and come down to the dealership to see it in person.

Are you looking to trade in your older vehicle? Contact us at 1-(888) 969-4541 to learn more about our trade appraisal program and remember to visit our pre-owned inventory.


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