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By: Quest Automotive Leasing Services   |   10 Feb 2023

With sustainability becoming a growing concern, more and more Canadian businesses are choosing to go electric with their commercial fleets. With electric and plugin hybrid vehicles (PHEV) sales surging over the last five years, not only are EV fleets good for the environment, but they also happen to be good for business. From government incentives and rebates to lower operation costs on things like fuel, it’s important for GTA businesses to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to their commercial vehicles, no matter your industry. Let’s explore the benefits and trends to note when it comes to greening your fleet.

The Numbers

Back in 2022, electric vehicle sales in Canada posted a 55.2% increase, representing the highest number of EVs registered in a single quarter, while newly registered motor vehicles in Canada recorded a near-10% drop in the first quarter. That EV adoption rate, according to StatsCan, translates to a market share of 5.8%, the highest ever for electric vehicles nationwide! Throw in plug-in hybrids and that number increases to a 7.7% market share. New gasoline-powered vehicles posted the largest decline, with 13.2% fewer new registrations in 2022, while diesel-powered vehicle registrations were down 11.8%.

So, what does this mean for businesses building commercial fleets? As more and more enterprises are seeking new ways to not only preserve their bottom line but also make sustainability a priority in the process, building a fleet comprised of electric vehicles is an attractive and advantageous option. Having helped countless businesses step towards a more sustainable future, the team at Quest Auto Leasing is happy to help smooth the transition for your business.

Benefits of Electric Vehicle Leasing

  • Versatile Makes and Models. Whether you’re in construction or catering, our province-wide network allows us to connect you with Canada's most popular electric vehicles at flexible leasing options.
  • Preserve Your Bottom Line. Business owners can look forward to substantial savings when it comes to costs associated with fuel and vehicle maintenance, freeing up cash flow that can be reinvested in your business.
  • Government Incentives & Rebates. Provinces across Canada offer incentives and rebates to businesses that choose EVs for their fleets, including free chargers, tax deductions, and an average of $6,500 in rebates per vehicle.

Go Green with the Help of Quest Auto Leasing

Here at Quest Auto Leasing, we’re committed to helping businesses build and manage their fleet while supporting their transition into electric vehicles. As one of the few leasing centres in the GTA to offer electric vehicle fleet leasing, we have access to a wide range of popular EV makes and models. Contact one of our leasing experts today to get started!


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