Is Your Fleet Ready for Winter?

By: Quest Automotive Leasing   |   28 Oct 2020

Folks from Southern Ontario know just how quickly our weather can change - one minute we’re having a balmy Thanksgiving, only to be followed by a Halloween snowstorm. Don’t leave your business unprepared this season - now is the time to be thinking about how to best equip your commercial fleet for a successful winter! So what types of things should you be considering? Ask yourself questions like:

Does your business provide winter-specific services, like snow plowing and salting, where new equipment will need to be installed (and maybe even leased)?

Do your trucks spend a lot of time on Toronto highways, snow or shine?

Will the age and condition of your vehicles affect their ability to be safe and capable this winter season?

There is a lot to consider, but Quest Automotive Leasing is here to help. After over 40 years of helping businesses across the GTA grow and thrive, we have the experience and resources to help your business continue to be successful this winter season - starting with the leasing needs of your commercial fleet.

Lease and Install the Equipment That Your Fleet Needs

If you’re a winter-specific business, then it’s vital that your fleet is fully prepared for the unexpected - like that one November snowstorm that always seems to come out of nowhere! We recommend having your trucks upfitted with their plows and salters by early November. Due to the very seasonal nature of the snow-removal industry, many of our clients prefer to lease their equipment each year. This is a huge benefit for a few reasons:

You are always getting clean, repaired and new equipment each season.

No need to worry about expensive storage during the summer.

The season doesn’t go as planned? No problem - simply return your leased equipment.

Sit back and have a coffee while somebody else takes care of the installation process.

Whether you’re leasing your snow-removal equipment this season, need help with installation, or just need the gentle reminder that ‘winter is coming’ - Quest is here to help! Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to learn more about equipping your snow-removal fleet for success this winter.

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Prepare Your Fleet Vehicles for Winter

If the age and condition of your vehicles has already been on your mind, then it probably means it’s time to consider upgrading your fleet. You don’t necessarily have to upgrade every vehicle in your fleet at once (though you certainly can), but taking a critical look at your oldest trucks and knowing when it’s time to trade-up is an important part of business ownership. Keeping trucks around that aren’t in their best working order can put your drivers’ safety at risk, slow down the daily operations of your business, and even end up affecting your revenue.

Upgrading your fleet doesn’t need to be a burdensome expense. The Quest Automotive team are experts at helping business owners find fantastic new trucks for their commercial fleets for a similar, or even lower, payment. Don’t decide to upgrade your fleet after a nasty accident or breakdown - chat with our experts about making sure your entire fleet is well prepared for our upcoming Toronto winter!



Trust Quest Automotive to Help Your Business Thrive This Winter

Whether it’s equipment leasing and upfitting, upgrading your vehicles in time for winter or even adding a new truck to your fleet, Quest Automotive Leasing is where Toronto businesses go for all of their commercial fleet leasing needs. From equipment, to vehicles, to financial assistance and so much more, Quest has the resources you need to help your business thrive this winter. Contact the Quest Automotive team now - before the white stuff starts to fly!



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