Spring Leasing with Quest Auto -- How Does it Work?

By: Quest Automotive Leasing Services   |   29 Apr 2019
a Toronto driver sitting behind the wheel of a leased Cadillac

Spring Forward with Quest

Grass is growing, gardens are in bloom and you need a reliable vehicle. Spring is the perfect time to bring on new equipment, expand your work fleet -- or just treat yourself to a new luxury sedan or SUV. Talk to the leasing experts at Quest Auto to learn why leasing might be the solution for your small business. Serving the people of Toronto has never been easier than with the help of our specialized leasing services and fleet programs.

Equipment You Can Trust

Temperatures are rising which means for many business owners, your busiest season is about to begin. Make the most of the warmer months by taking advantage of heavy equipment leasing options available at Quest. We combine our vast experience with unmatched selection, giving you access to all manner of trailers, construction equipment, tow trucks and more.

Not only do you benefit from leasing by having quality equipment at your disposal, but it can end up saving your company money, as well. Renting equipment months on end can be tedious, while buying vehicles outright may leave you seriously drained of your cash flow. Plus -- job needs can change over time, resulting in your business being stuck with equipment that no longer serves a purpose. a blue ford F150 drives around the greater toronto area working for a landscaping fleet

When you lease heavy equipment through Quest Auto, you’ll get all of the benefits of new equipment while saving yourself a hefty loan payment each month. Making it even more convenient, our leasing experts can tailor your term agreement, getting rid of limiting mileage restrictions and large down payments.

Solutions for Fleets

Take your fleet to the next level this spring with the help of our innovative telematics technology. This management system allows business owners to track daily driving details on each fleet vehicle, leading to increased productivity and a reduction in expenses. Small GPS units that can be easily attached to each vehicle’s computer send notifications whenever sudden activity occurs, keeping you informed no matter where you are.

Looking to upgrade your fleet vehicles? Quest offers fleet vehicle leasing with specific programs geared towards pool construction and maintenance companies, HVAC businesses and landscapers.

Begin Your Season Right

At Quest, we’re proud to be an independent leasing company. It gives us the freedom to find the best vehicles and heavy equipment at the lowest rates, helping your business get ahead even in markets as competitive as the GTA. If you’re ready to get into a new personal or work vehicle, speak with our team today. We can create a custom lease agreement to work with your financial needs and help you be completely prepared for the summer season.


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