Leasing for Your Industry in 2019, Business Vehicles and Beyond!

By: Quest Automotive Leasing Services   |   06 Mar 2019
Ram Commercial Vehicles - Snow Removal

There’s nothing like a new year for a new start -- or a new lease! As we get into 2019, lease options for businesses in the Greater Toronto Area are only getting better. For one thing, right now you have the choice of selecting a work vehicle that is brand-spanking new, but with a great price, as many 2018 models are still available. Want older? No problem! Quest can source out whatever you need -- be it new or used -- to get the job done.

Independent Means Good for Business

It pays for a small business to look to an independent leasing company first when seeking out work vehicles or heavy equipment. Why is this? Because independent companies have the most freedom when it comes to building your lease agreement. We can do things like adjust term lengths, down payments, mileage and buyout amounts. Using this to your advantage, Quest can ensure that your cash flow isn’t tied up inside of your lease -- something that other leasing companies can’t control.

Another bonus to going the independent route is that we have a far greater selection to choose from. Don’t limit yourself to one brand! At Quest, we search through all of the most trusted names in work equipment to source out the best deal for our clients. Once again, standard leasing companies just can’t offer that kind of flexibility.

How Leasing Works for Your Industry

Quest does more than just provide you a general list of work vehicles and equipment -- we’ve actually reached out to the most popular industries and tailored the experience!

Pool Fleets

Does your business install pools in the Toronto area? The Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada have us as a featured member for our efforts in customizing the leasing process for companies that need access to pool fleets.

Snow Removal

When the snow flies, look to Quest for all of your snow removal equipment needs. While you may be pushing the thought of the white stuff out of your mind as the season ends, now could be a great time to find clearance deals on snow removal equipment from dealerships trying to move their winter stock.

HVAC Fleets

Quest understands that HVAC businesses have unique needs. Whatever your company specializes in, we offer customizable options to fit your specific work. Heating, cooling, ventilation and more -- we know what vehicles our HVAC clients require to get the job done.


The warm weather is almost here! And with it comes acres upon acres of new grass to cut. Be ready this season with the best landscaping and lawn maintenance equipment on the market. Let us help you find the perfect solution for your landscaping company so you can take on spring at full force.

Great Equipment at Affordable Rates

In most cases, leasing gives you an advantage when it comes to the quality of equipment or work fleets you’re obtaining. Buying these assets out-right chews into your funds fast and the impact on credit can tie your hands for years to come. Also, if your needs change or the equipment becomes obsolete, leasing provides an easy way out of old vehicles and into new ones. If you’ve purchased the asset, often you’ll take a big hit when it comes time to sell.

For every agreement we put together, we bring over 40 years of Toronto leasing experience to your company. Contact us today or stop by our location to talk to one of our experts and find the perfect vehicle or equipment solution for your business!

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