Leasing Fleet Vehicles for Your Pool Business? Here's What You Need to Know

By: Quest Auto   |   29 Aug 2018
Ford Transit Connect

As a pool or spa business owner, there are a lot of technicalities to consider. If you’re wondering if leasing is for you, this article will help. Today, we break down how it works and why people lease their fleet of pool vehicles with Quest Auto.

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Is Leasing Right for my Business?

The main reason that we find business owners choose to lease their fleet vehicles instead of purchasing them is cost savings. When you lease your vehicle, you only have the monthly payments to worry about, without an overwhelming purchase price. Saving your money will allow you to invest, or use the funds elsewhere, potentially where payments aren’t an option.

In addition to the upfront savings, we also find that businesses take advantage of technology as it becomes available. With a lease, you’re able to hand back the keys at the end of your term and upgrade to a newer and potentially more capable vehicle.

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Why Lease for the Pool Industry?

Here at Quest Auto, we’re feature members of the Pool and Hot Tub Council of Canada. This means that we’re a trusted authority across the entire country. Our extensive knowledge and experience working with pool business owners big and small helps us find the best rates and options for every situation.

When you lease your fleet of trucks and/or work vans with Quest Auto, you’re not tied to any specific manufacturer. We work with all brands and OEMs, with no preference outside of getting you the best deal. Our wide network of automotive connections means that we can find the right fleet for you and at a great price. We lease across Toronto, Ontario, and the rest of the country. We’re able to find unique vehicles as well as pool vehicles that are upfitted to meet your needs. From racks to compartments, different models and engine types, we have your back.

If you’re a pool business owner or spa operator, contact our leasing specialists today. They’ll help you find the right trucks and vans for your business, with all the features you need.


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