Why leasing a commercial vehicle with us is a smart move

By: Quest Automotive Leasing   |   01 May 2018
Commercial leasing vehicle

There are plenty of commercial truck rental services in Toronto, but none of those is quite like Quest Automotive Leasing

From moving, to construction, to landscaping, and transportation, Quest takes care of business, so you can get on with doing the job right. We have a series of flexible commercial fleet leasing options to choose from, whether you simply need a truck for one day, or you’re a fleet manager looking to expand your business.

At Quest Automotive, we don’t just swear by one brand. We represent a wide range of commercial trucks in various makes and models, so you can choose which truck works best for you. Plus, our close working relationships with vehicle manufacturers and an extensive network of fleet-focused dealers in the area means we can guarantee you’ll get the best price on the market. 

Here’s why you should lease a commercial truck with Quest Automotive:

One  Leasing is our specialty

Unlike some companies who try and do it all, at Quest Automotive, leasing is all we know. Our leasing experts have been crafting custom leasing plans for drivers in the GTA for more than 40 years. We work with you to get you a lease on the vehicle you really want--not your second or third choice, but for the exact make and model you walked into the dealership for.

When you lease a commercial vehicle with us, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to a wide range of manufacturer fleet pricing

  • Work with an extensive network of fleet focused dealers

  • Enjoy the lowest fleet pricing and manufacturer programs available

  • Open-ended leases tailored to your unique requirements Improved cash flow

  • Conservation of credit lines




Two  We’ll meet your fleet

If you’re looking to expand your commercial fleet, or are a small business owner just starting out, it’s important to understand your commercial leasing options. At Quest Automotive Leasing, our leasing experts can conduct a full custom fleet analysis, in order to determine which new addition will compliment your existing fleet.

  • When you allow Quest Automotive Leasing to conduct a full-fledged fleet inspection, you can enjoy the following:

  • Evaluation of your current fleet

  • Benchmarking maintenance and fuel costs

  • Appraisal of your vehicle rotation cycle and fleet life cycle

  • Recommendations to help you operate your lowest cost per kilometre


Three  Fuel your fleet for free

Commercial truck drivers often work long hours, and that often means they’re on the road more than the average driver. Not all commercial trucks run on diesel these days, and with today’s cost of gas, paying for fuel can become very expensive.

At Quest Automotive, we’re doing our part to offset some of the costs for you, with the addition of our Fleet Navigator Fuel Program. Partnering with Shell, we offer a Fleet Navigator card that you can use at more than 1,200 Shell gas station across the country, so long as Mastercard is accepted. When you become part of our Fleet Navigator Fuel Program, you’ll automatically be able to track and view critical information, like fuel consumption, driving habits, and other data that are specific to you as a cardholder.

The Fleet Navigator card looks like a credit card, complete with an electronic chip reader, and you can even receive notifications and updates of any activity on the card.

It’s a great way to keep track of your drivers when they’re out on the road, and it’s a great tool to help you calculate your costs as a business owner So, there you have it. With a series of flexible, custom leasing options, extra incentives, and in-house programs that take care of you first, there’s no better place to lease a commercial vehicle in Toronto than with Quest Automotive Leasing. Call us today at 1-(888) 969-4541 or contact us online to get started today. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out our comprehensive leasing FAQs page for more information.


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