Leasing Tips for Landscapers

By: Quest Auto Leasing   |   14 Sep 2017
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Landscaping is an important industry in the GTA. Big and small companies alike spend summers keeping businesses, buildings, and homes looking good. In the fall, landscapers get to rake up leaves and debris, and prepare hedges for the upcoming frost. Then, when the winter hits, many landscape companies switch gears and move to snow removal.


To get any landscaping work and projects done, you need the right equipment, but the trucks and equipment you need can be expensive. Have you ever considered leasing? Leasing commercial equipment can be a smart move for small, medium, and even large landscaping operations.


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Your Equipment Grows With Your Company

If your landscaping company is growing, the commercial trucks and equipment you need today likely may not be enough to live up to your needs in the future. With more jobs and more complex projects, there’s a good chance your company will need more extensive equipment. By leasing your trucks and equipment rather than buying them outright, at the end of the lease you can bring everything back and move up to newer, more capable equipment. If you purchase your trucks and equipment you’re stuck with the hassle of selling or trading-in your equipment before you can move up to better equipment.


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Save on Upfront Costs

For a small company that’s just starting out, having the initial cash flow needed to purchase equipment up front isn’t an option, so they have to rely on lines of credit. Instead of using a large chunk of your credit line to buy equipment, leasing allows you to limit upfront costs while still getting the trucks and equipment you need to grow your company.

Whether or not leasing commercial trucks and equipment for your landscaping company is the right move really depends on your needs, goals, and financial situation. Contact our leasing team today for professional friendly advice and guidance.

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