Why You Should Lease a Classic Car

By: Quest Automotive Leasing   |   26 Jun 2017
Classic cars

Classic and vintage cars have a certain enticing quality about them.


Maybe it’s because we rarely catch a glimpse of them on the 401 anymore, or because we grew up seeing them in family photo albums and Hollywood movies.


Whatever the case may be, in a world full of hybrids, sports supercars, and foreign luxury brands, classic and vintage cars still hold their own. What many onlookers and daydreamers don’t realize, is that they can still have the opportunity to lease a classic car, because Quest Automotive is home to those rare breeds of the good old days.


Classic Cars Live Here


Quest Automotive Leasing isn’t your typical automotive dealer. We specialize in custom leasing arrangements, and that includes classic and vintage car leasing. Thanks to a solid business network, Quest Automotive is able to locate the classic car of your dreams, anywhere in the GTA. Whether you’ve got your eye on a flashy 1960’s Ford Mustang convertible, or a 1966 Shelby Cobra, we’ll do our absolute best to get you behind the wheel.


Classic and vintage cars make for great conversation starters, the perfect ride for a special date, or the perfect outlet for a DIY project. Because Quest Automotive offers custom-built leasing, the terms and conditions of your lease can vary, meaning we’ll get you a classic car with a comfortable leasing plan that’s right for you.


Why Lease a Classic?


For starters, you’ll gain a whole new crowd of admirers. People love a classic car because it’s a blast from the past. Don’t be surprised if people strike up a conversation wherever you are! It’s a big blend of nostalgia, excitement, and sometimes even envy that you found such a rare piece.


Celebrity-status aside, vintage cars were built to last. Unfortunately, with the rise of mass consumerism, today’s cars are built fast with cheaper parts. The older models generally used a combination of tough metals, whereas many of today’s vehicles use plastics, and even computer technology--if a part breaks, it can be a nightmare to fix.

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