Your Guide to Buying a Luxury Vehicle

By: Quest Automotive Leasing   |   21 Apr 2017

Luxury vehicles are engineered for drivers who reflect a very specific, niche market.


Unlike your everyday Toyota Venza or Dodge Journey SUV, exotic cars and SUVs cater to drivers seeking a more elevated, exclusive, and iconic style of ownership. For those who are infatuated with brands like Audi and Bentley, the difference between selecting a luxury vehicle and a domestic all comes down to a sensory experience.


Luxury Is All About the Details


The biggest differential between your family sedan and a luxury vehicle lies in the details. With a pricetag that’s significantly higher than the “other” cars and trucks on the lot, you have to wonder what you’re paying for. More often than not, luxury vehicles are foreign imports, which means they are engineered with unique parts and materials that often cannot be replicated for as cheap a price back here in Canada. From interior highlights like imported leather seating and wood or chrome finishings, to integrated smart technology, luxury vehicles are all about comfort and providing the driver with an experience that cannot be replicated with an everyday domestic.


At the end of the day, even if you have the money, luxury models aren’t for everybody. Down payments and finance and leasing options aside, you really have to consider the overall cost of ownership, which includes your gas, insurance, any service and regular maintenance, and even your resale value when you wish to trade in your vehicle.


At Quest Auto Leasing, three of our most popular luxury brands are Audi, BMW, and Bentley. To make things easier, we’ve outlined the pros and cons of driving each of these luxury models so you can see if they suit your needs.


Allure of the Audi


Audi was acquired by Volkswagen in the 1960’s which means that as far as luxury brands go, it’s on the more affordable side of the spectrum.


Audi manufactures mid-size luxury cars, compact sports cars, executive cars, and SUVs, which make them a realistic attribute for single drivers, families, or even business owners seeking an attractive and dependable company car. Audi has also had a colourful rally history, and many vehicles have been used for some of the biggest motorsports events like the world-famous Grand Prix. Technology is one of Audi’s biggest driving factors, and one of its most famous is its unique FWD system called Audi Quattro, and the Audi e-tron Sportback hybrid.


Behold the Bentley


For more than 95 years, Bentley vehicles have been hand-crafted in Britain. For a long period of time, Bentley was partnered with Rolls-Royce, another luxury brand. To this day, Bentley remains the leading manufacturer for the world’s most desirable high-performance grand tourers. They design high-end luxury vehicles and SUVs. The brand is so exclusive, that in Canada, there are only four dealers, and one of them is right here in Toronto. If you’re driving a Bentley, chances are you’ve worked hard to save for it, or you’re a very wealthy individual. Every square inch of a Bentley exudes luxury, and by no means do these vehicles come cheap! To put it in perspective, new Bentley’s today start at $180,195, and that’s still not including any accessories or trim packages.


Blaze Trails in a BMW


Every luxury car owner or enthusiast is familiar with BMW’s colourful history. The German manufacturer originally started out in the aviation business, but switched to automobiles after the First World War. To this day, the famous blue and white logo represents the white blades of an airplane slicing through a blue sky.


BMW is, like Audi, on the more practical and affordable side of the luxury car and SUV spectrum. They make a great vehicle for anybody with a middle-class income or dual-person income bracket, and are stylish and practical enough to be both the family car and a luxury vehicle. BMW is known for its stylish, sculpted exterior coupes and SUVs, as well as soft-touch materials throughout the interior. One of BMW’s best assets is its turbo-power diesel engines. A nice alternative to regular gas engines, BMW has successfully designed a diesel engine that delivers higher torque and lower fuel emissions, making it great for city drivers who wish to save at the pumps.

When it comes to buying a luxury vehicle, it’s important to do your research first and be practical about it. While some high-end brands are realistic, others are reserved for people of a very specific social bracket. If you’re interested in leasing a luxury vehicle, Quest Automotive Leasing can help. Our large dealer network allows us to source a car just for you, even if it’s outside of the GTA. Call us today at 1-(888) 969-4541 or contact us online for further information.

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