Big Changes to the Drive Clean Program

By: Quest Automotive Leasing   |   24 Feb 2017
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Everyone wants clean air. That's what Ontario's Drive Clean Program was aimed at when it first came to be in 1999. While the good intentions were there, many agree that the program needs some tweaks. Recently, the Ontario Government announced that there will soon be some changes to the Drive Clean Progam. 

That's good news for car buyers - the province of Ontario has made some steps in the right direction when it comes to the Drive Clean Program. Many of these changes will save you money, making buying or leasing a pre-owned vehicle cheaper and easier than ever.

What’s Changed?

Testing Fee Eliminated

As of Apr.1, 2017 you will no longer have to pay the $30 charge. It may be a small amount but we’re sure you have better things to do with that $30. 

Testing Requirements

The province has also made changes to the testing requirements for some vehicles. In the case of light-duty vehicles, testing requirements have been eliminated completely when they are resold.

Conditional Pass

For people with older vehicles in need of extensive repairs, the province has made a Conditional Pass available to help alleviate the up-front costs of the repairs.

The Conditional Pass is only available for a light-duty vehicle that:

  • Fails an initial Drive Clean test
  • Has had up to $450 in repairs at a Drive Clean facility to repair emissions-related problems, and
  • Fails a re-test


We encourage you to read all the details of the Drive Clean Program changes to see how they will affect you. The program has been around since 1999 and is aimed at getting vehicles off the road that are unsafe to drive or overly damaging to the environment. 

Here at Quest Auto, we are automotive experts. If you have any questions about the Drive Clean Program, leasing or anything else automotive related, feel free to contact us.

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