Everyone needs a Pre-Owned vehicle

By: Quest Automotive Leasing   |   02 Feb 2017
toyota rav4

Believe it or not, pre-owned cars, trucks and SUVs are a lot like people. Seriously.

Every pre-owned vehicle has had a unique life - some have been driven harder than others; some show their age more than others...  Yep, every pre-owned vehicle is unique.

This is why there really is a pre-owned vehicle that suits pretty much everyone. When you decide to lease a pre-owned vehicle, you’re making a smart decision: you’re leasing the ideal vehicle for you and your budget right now and you know in two or three years when your life has changed (kids, work…) you can return the leased vehicle and upgrade.

What kind of driver are you?



If you’re driving up and down the highway every day going back and forth from work, you’re going to want a vehicle that is comfortable and good on gas. The Toyota Rav4, as an example, is a great option. Toyota’s always been known for their fuel efficient vehicles. The Rav4 is a small SUV that is comfortable on long drives and has enough room for the kids if you’re dropping them off at school before you head to the office, or if you’re carpooling you can fit four colleagues comfortably.


You like heading to the lake with your boat and hitting the trails on your mountain bike when you have a chance. You’re the type of active individual that needs a comfortable vehicle with plenty of space for your gear and potentially the ability to tow your boat. A truck like the RAM 1500 is an excellent option. Trucks have become much more fuel-efficient in recent years while giving you the ability to tow a boat or trailer. Depending on how many people you’re going to be driving with, you can get the RAM 1500 in a quad cab configuration so you can bring all your buddies.


You worked hard and now it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy life. Spoil yourself and get behind the wheel of a quality pre-owned luxury vehicle from Quest Auto. From Audi to Lexus, we have a vast selection of luxury vehicles for you to test drive. Ranging from sleek sports cars to high-end SUVs, we’re sure to have the right vehicle to drive into your retirement.

Business Owner

You’re an entrepreneur and have to balance having a practical vehicle and one that suits your reputation. Quest Auto has plenty of options that fit into both of those categories. The Jeep Wrangler is an incredibly versatile SUV popular amongst small business owners. It has plenty of space for transporting your products; it is rugged, safe and will get you almost anywhere; and it’s commonly viewed as a high-end SUV. Considering Jeep created the first SUV, we tend to agree.

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