January 2017 Newsletter: What Women Want in a Car, Updates on the Volkswagen Scandal, and 10 Vehicles to Look Forward to in 2017

By: Jim Likourezos   |   11 Jan 2017
Audi with fireworks

The start of a new year is always exciting, as manufacturers debut new models and tech at auto shows around the world. The North American International Auto Show is already underway in Detroit, and the Canadian show is fast approaching. Keep an eye out for our newsletters, because we'll be bringing you the best highlights. For now, we've included a list of some of 2017's most anticipated vehicles to preview some of what we can expect from auto makers this year.

Meanwhile, Canadian Volkswagen owners are finally getting news about a settlement for the diesel scandal. We have all the details on the potential compensation below. Plus, we're also featuring new studies that show most women aren't satisfied with their options when shopping for a new vehicle. So how can manufacturers appeal to more women?



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