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Have you ever looked for information about car leasing? Working with Quest is not like working with other automotive leasing agencies. Our specialized services are not restrained to any make or model giving us complete freedom to find you the perfect vehicle(s). Do you still have questions about our leasing services? Read through some of our most frequently asked questions and get to know Quest.

Q: How is leasing from Quest Automotive Leasing Services different than leasing from a Toronto dealership?

A: At Quest Automotive Leasing Services, our main objective is finding the right vehicle for you! Since we aren’t tied to any specific manufacturer, we aren’t biased in any way, and can find a suitable vehicle based on your needs! We’re able to assist with both personal and commercial leasing, as well as equipment leasing and rentals. With any of these services, your location doesn’t matter, as we have an extensive network of dealers across the country to work with!

Q: Can I still test drive my favourite vehicles?

A: At Quest Automotive Leasing Services, we can bring the test drive right to you! We’ll work with you to choose your favourite vehicle from any manufacturer, and get you behind the wheel.

Q: Do you offer used vehicles?

A: At Quest Automotive Leasing Services in Toronto, ON, we offer both new and used vehicle leasing. You can view our current used inventory here.

Q: How long are your lease terms?

A: With the help of one of our leasing experts, we are able to design a lease that fits your needs. These customizations include a variety of different lengths, terms, buyout options, mileage requirements and more.

Q: Do you offer leases to organizations?

A: At Quest Automotive Leasing Services, we have been serving the vehicle needs of individuals, business professionals, schools, government agencies, and companies of varying sizes for over 30 years. One of our leasing experts would be happy to answer any questions that you may have that are specific to your organization; you can reach us at 1-888-969-4541 or by emailing us at  


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